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Amber by Annette Himstedt
She is part of the 2000 limited Edition Collection and is one of a worldwide limited edition of 1013.

Amber is aprox 30 3/4” tall.

Amber is a delightful 6 year old from Jamaica – She has an elaborately braided hairstyle (human hair) with highlights , for which a silk orange hairband is worn.

She is wearing a blossom on a crimson coloured silk necklace and holds a blossom garland.

The basic colour of her fine dress is warm orange, it features a
number of ruffles in different colours and fabrics.

Amber is wearing a year bracelet of red taffeta with the
Annette Himstedt logo and the year of manufacture.
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From Annette Himstedt's 1996 Collection.

He is approximately 22 inches tall, and is made of the highest quality vinyl.

His ginger brown hair (mohair) is hidden under a cheeky leather baseball cap, and his eyes are blue.

Trousers and waistcoat are made of specially treated, brown linen and cotton cloth and his shirt is cut in white linen with a stand-up collar.

On his feet he is wearing black, hand-knitted knee-length
socks and exclusively manufactured brown leather
lace-up shoes.

Annette Himstedt's monogram is engraved on their soles.
On his arm he wears a silver year bracelet.
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Ambassador's Ball Coceaux
Mademoiselle Coceaux le Fontaine..... was announced as she arrives at the Ambassador's Ball wearing a deep wine ensemble with a mist of gold shining brightly with her every move. The beautiful gold trim, and elegant sash of crème and deep wine compliments the long train of soft illusion held in place by strings of gold pearls as the magnificent headpiece with the soft feathers on her fan gives this outfit the true elegance of of a 1920's Haute Couture.
Created by doll artist Anton C. Buencamino, this doll is approximately 12" tall.
Goodbye My Butterfly
A one-of-a-kind doll, by artist Anton C. Buencamino and was featured on the cover of the October 2001 Doll World magazine. The one-of-a-kind doll was created in memory of Billy Driggers, a friend and mentor for the Coceaux le Fontaine Collection.
This delightful item is approximately 12" tall.
Charly by Annette Himstedt
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Cilli and Rilli, 2 doll set
Princess Berdina
Sha Whan
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Sweet Cherub porcelain

was $550 now

By Connie Walser Derek
Charlotte in porcelain

was $136 now
Emily's Secret Garden in Porcelain

was $136 now
Reflections of Rose in Porcelain

was $159 now
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Rock-a-bye-baby in Porcelain (as is, bad shoes!)

was $124 now
A Gift For Mora in Porcelain

was $140 now
Sam and Sandy in porcelain

was $125 now
Dara in Porcelain

was $140 now
Mariam in Porcelain

was $140 now
16" BJD Romeo
12" BJD Emily The Strange $59.99
Gallery Marketing
12" BJD Dorothy from Adventures in Oz $99.99
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Gallery Marketing
12" BJD Witch from Adventures in Oz $99.99
12" BJD Tinman from Adventures in Oz $99.99
12" BJD Scarecrow from Adventures in Oz $99.99
12" BJD Lion from Adventures in Oz $99.99
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Joke Grobben
Marcelle was $1795.99 now $1200.99
Fianca was $595 now $399.99
April was $499 now $299.99
Sylvia-Louise was $975 now $574.99
Hildegard Gunzel
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