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Momoko is a 1/6 scale fashion doll, with a height of approximately 27cm or 10 inches tall. She reflects the trends of contemporary Tokyo, and is produced by Namie Manabe, art director of "PostPet" known for its pink teddy bear.
Since her debut in August 2001, Momoko had been widely accepted as an indies doll not only by established doll collectors but also by women in the 20's to 30's who were not interested in fashion dolls until then.
As a stylish fashion doll or as an art object; Momoko's stoic precision in her fashion style and accessories are recognized in various ways. In addition to making CM appearances and modeling, she is active in crossovers with fashion brands, artists and musicians.
In April 2005, she made her major scene debut as the new-born "momokoDOLL" from Sekiguchi. Currently she is growing into one of the leading brands for fashion dolls.
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Destiny's Night Momoko
She takes off her mask to reveal the truth in the night.  Are the silver tears sprinkled on her dress poison?  Or innocence?
This beautiful girl has two toned ash and champagne blonde rooted hair with pale gray eyes.  She wears a gown of white trimmed with fur and rhinestone and silver tears along the front. She comes with a rhinestone choker and mask, and wears silver shoes.  Really, really gorgeous doll.  Better in person than the promo shots!
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Momoko Merry Go Round
No, I can't wait for the prince!
Let's get going on a pastel colored horse.
Here's a momoko doll with cute things going around in her mind.

This girl has pale blonde rooted hair and comes dressed in a white T-shirt, white tulle skirt, white tights and white boots, with a color-blocked pastel hoodie on top.
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Momoko Ambivalent Girl
She smiles like an adult, and the next moment she turns around and gets sulky. Whimsical momoko doll changes her mood quickly like how cat's eyes change.

This girl has pale blonde rooted hair and comes dressed in 'leather' shorts, dotted hose and a two way shirt - sweet white linen and ruffles on the front, with a open back in black. To show her tattoos. Silver combat boots complete her ensemble.
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